Monday, July 29, 2013


     Shooting and retouching may take up the majority of our efforts here at Antfarm, but during those rare moments of down-time there's always a project waiting to be completed.  Though we usually reserve major studio renovations and the like for our slow summertime schedule, this summer turned out to be the complete opposite of slow.  Shoots for clients such as Effy Jewelry, Carolee, Spark, Leo Ingwer, Penny Preville, Chloe+Isabel, Lynn Ban, and Verdura continuously sprang up last minute, consecutive weeks became booked with multiple day shoots, and our retouchers rose to the challenge of speedily perfecting hundreds of photographs that Dave and Steve shot with the guidance of various art directors.  But we'll show you some of those images at a later date.  Until then, check out the small  (and large) projects that we managed to complete so far this year:

David took multiple shots of this bracelet during his shoot for auction house Phillips De Pury.  Steve took on the task of some heavy-duty retouching to produce this large pristine print hanging over our client couch in our studio.

If you were in our studio two weeks ago, you would have been walking on bare concrete.  Retouchers turned handymen Seth and Josiah took the one week break we had from shooting in July to coat the floor with a high-gloss epoxy.  Consequently, the floor is now highly reflective and gives the studio a cool gallery atmosphere.

Josiah's panoramic iPhone shot of the studio back in order after a job well done.

David and Steve produced a number of Blurb books to send to both current and potential clients, a kind of portfolio that exceeds the expectations of your run-of-the-mill presentation book.  Complete with client testimonials, tight edits showcasing the crème de la crème both of jewelry design and photography, and a detailed list of designers, these exclusive books have been well-received across the board.

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