Friday, May 3, 2013


If you've read Antfarm's bio on the ArtMix Creative site, you know that when David and Steve aren't preoccupied with shooting and and retouching images at the studio, they're engaging in some good ol' quality time with the family.  Considering the way David and Steve handle their studio and work, it isn't surprising to see that their relatives are just as enterprising and attuned to how their own businesses relate to their clients.

While Steve is hard at work producing high quality images here at Antfarm, his cousin, Anna Gowan, is managing the hustle and bustle of her up-and-coming restaurant in western Connecticut, Kingsley Tavern.  Having just opened this year on North Main Street in Kent, CT, Kingsley Tavern seems to have made quite the impact already, securing itself as a casual yet classy establishment--the type of place you could grab a gourmet burger with your pals or impress a date over some wine.  Swing by for lunch on a Friday, take advantage of the bar (open late!), and feel free to saunter on in after waking up late from an active night on the weekends because they have your brunch needs covered.  

                              Bar opens at 4pm and stays open late.  Plenty of indoor seating for the crowds.

  Outdoor seating on the porch of Kingsley Tavern.

All the information you need to contact Anna Gowan should you have any questions about Kingsley Tavern.

As if the welcoming porch, spacious seating, and stocked bar isn't enough to get you to stick around, just check out the food--gourmet pizzas, surf and turf, salads, pasta, pork belly, and plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options.  Steve captured the two shots below before digging into his meal:

And who knows?  Perhaps this neat cousin connection between Steve and Anna will open up more opportunities for food photography by Antfarm.  Until then, eat up and enjoy.

Check out Kingsley Tavern's vast menu options here.
Read the reviews on Yelp.


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