Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We do a lot of detail-oriented work in the studio.  On a day-to-day basis, when we're booked for a month straight of photography and don't see much beyond the walls of our studio it's hard to get a feel for how our work finds its way into the world.  

Steve adjusting a necklace by PENNY PREVILLE.

Our typical shoot days involve a lot of what you see above: steady hands, a meticulous eye, and jewelry that although perfectly suited for wear on the human body often resists styling for the purposes of photography.  It's a piecemeal process, so when we see the results months later either on a window front at Phillips De Pury, an LCD Screen at Bloomingdales, or running as an ad in Harper's Bazaar, we get pretty stoked and remember that our work isn't just contained in the studio.

Here are some of our recent accomplishments in the greater world beyond the studio:

Yellow diamond ring that Dave photographed at PHILLIPS DE PURY sold for $1,202,500.

Dave is quoted twice on page 60 of INSTORE mag's March 2013 issue.

Advertisement for SPARK CREATIONS that ran in HARPER'S BAZAAR November 2012.

Images from our December shoot with CAROLEE are now on an LCD screen on the window-front of BLOOMINGDALE'S on 59th and Lex.

If you see an Antfarm photograph circulating out there, feel free to tweet @antfarmphoto and let us know!  We don't necessarily keep track of where our images are going to be, but when we stumble upon them in a magazine or billboard, it makes us pretty damn excited about what we do.

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