Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy Birthday to all the February babies out there.  After a month of checking out all the deep, blood red garnet pieces by some of our favorite jewelers like Mimi So and Thistle & Bee, we have moved on to appreciate the range of color characteristic to February's birthstone, amethyst.  Whether you prefer your gem to be a dainty lilac or a rich purple hue, you can rest assured that somewhere in the world the Earth's intricate geological processes produced an amethyst with the precise shade of purple you're seeking.
Or at least we can hope and idealize.  But until you find that perfect hunk of rock that's been turned into a polished and cut stone, you can celebrate your February birthday by looking through the host of amethyst pieces provided by jewelry companies across the board.  We'll help you in your search by sharing some of our favorite clients' amethyst pieces throughout the month.
We shot some Thistle & Bee merchandise a few days ago and noticed some sweet, refined amethyst pieces make it in front of our camera.  These are older shots that we have pictured here, but no less deserving of recognition, we think.

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